RADSoft APERD System

RADSoft APERD system is a fast, comprehensive, user-oriented design Unit Registry system solution that is designed especially to be used by Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD). Manage your clients, transaction, agents, and more in an efficient way.

Use Case
Head office or branch
Ops team
Board member

Unit reconciliation

Have you ever experienced working late just to find why there’s a difference of units between your record and custody? We got that covered. Unit reconciliation is an feature to match data between the custody and yours. You can find which client and how many unit is different in just seconds.

High risk monitoring

One of the key features in RADSoft APERD System is the monitoring system for transaction and clients. We know that its such a hassle to monitor every activity, especially when you have a lot of clients and even much more transaction. Best to share part of those burden to an automated system which can alert you when there’s a suspicious activity.


Integration capability

Whether its core banking or your front trading system, RADSoft APERD system can be customized to integrate with your existing system environment such as opening account, instruction for debit credit transaction, fetching transaction data from internet banking, and more.

Comprehensive reports

Our aim is to give informative and easy to understand reports for our users. Our standart report did not meet your requirements? No problem! For more indepth or internal report, RADSoft can always be customized for your internal needs.

Clean, easy to use design

There’s been a lot of changes within RADSoft design throughout the years of experience. We’ve been constantly upgrading our UI and UX to be better and always strive to make our client more effective and efficient on their works.

Easy access from anywhere

We know that nowadays our system have to adapt to a fast paced technology environment which cannot be bound by location. Accessibility is a must have when choosing your system. Therefore our system is made mobile friendly with cloud integration capability. Work from the comfort of your home, coffee shop, or virtually anywhere! As long as you have internet access of course :)

Quick respond team

To be the best for our client, we have to hire the best. We have an excellent dedicated support team for each of our client so we can always give top notch service. Whether its about how to use, technical problem, or a feature request, you can always contact us!