RADSoft Investment System

One Stop Solution daily trade management system. The most important part of finance industry is to optimize your daily trade management system through a combination of investment system and exposure monitoring.

End to end investment life cycle

A reliable Trade Management System that included the Order Management System, Dealing Instruction, and Settlement Instruction. Also, secure system to maintain your portfolio and produce a detailed day to day fund report.

Exposure monitoring

System can easily show the product that already have the minimum exposure and bridging maximum exposure, system can protect portfolio to stay between the exposure.

Cash Projection

Our System manages the flow of incoming and outgoing funds within a business. Businesses use cash projection software to maintain a positive cash flow as well as forecast future cash flow based on past transactions and historical financial or operational data within the software.

Integration capability

RADSoft Investment System can be customized to integrate with your existing system environment such as Fund Journal Accounting.

Deep insight why choose RADSoft

Easy access

No installation needed with centralized update. A streamline web based application, that can be open anywhere and anytime you want.

Connect everything easily

RADSoft Investment System integration and data mapping can connect to your existing system environment faster than you ever imagined possible.

Quick response

To be the best for our clients, we have to hire the best. We have an excellent dedicated support team for each of our client so we can always give top-notch service. Whether it's about how to use, technical problem, or a feature request, you can always count on us!.

Use Case
Risk manager
Manager investment
Team operation
Fund admin