RADSoft Fund System

Daily operation, investment, compliance, to accounting. A modular all in one solution. Manage almost every aspect of your company here. Specifically designed for Asset Management Company.

Fund admin system

A reliable and secure system to maintain your portfolio from placement order to settlement, while also produce a detailed day to day fund report.

Unit registry system

From maintaining client's subscription redemption and switching, Agent commission, to daily unit automated calculation. Our unit registry system provides a streamlined process to manage all of your unit registry data.

Accounting system

Make your corporate accounting process more efficient. An accounting system specifically designed for the Asset Management company. Integrate with our Fund Admin and Unit Registry module, this will make a seamless experience for your day-to-day activity.

Deep insight why choose RADSoft
Easy access

No installation is required with a centralized update. A streamlined web-based application, that can be open anywhere and anytime you want.

Flexible application

We understand that every company has a unique way of doing things, so we made our software modular and fully customizable. We always listen and try to fulfill the needs of our clients to optimize their business.

Continuous improvement

We understand the world of investment is constantly changing. So we never stop to improve and upgrade our system to be better. We aim to go beyond your expectation and solve the problem before they exist.

Support team

Our work not only aims to resolve the issues at hand, but to also empower our clients. Whether it's about how to use, a technical problem, or a feature request, you can always contact us!

Four eyes principle

The four-eyes principle, also known as the two-person rule, requires two different individuals to approve any action before it can be taken. All of the processes in RADSoft System meet this requirement to fullfill the OJK guideline.

End-to-end investment lifecycle

Our system is designed to help the process from Fund Manager to Dealer and finally to settlement. Our solutions can help you reduce operational risk and cost while providing post-trade process automation.

Automated journal and trial balance mirroring

Say goodbye to those manual calculation, and say hi to one-click system automation. Let our system handle those complicated fund related calculation such as bond interest, revaluation, or daily accrued expenses.

Unit reconcile with s-invest

Unit reconciliation is a feature to match data between the custody and yours. Find the difference in just seconds.

MKBD daily report

Our system also features an MKBD Report generation. Many of the processes will be automatically generated by the system to ensure you don't have to stay back at the closing period.

Use Case
Investment Team
Operation Team