Our agile process

From ideation to realization to support, we partner with you throughout the entire process to provide the most reliable and productive experience possible.

1. As is solution

Implement as is solution for better gap analysis process.

2. Refinement

The foundation towards building advanced and innovative products.

3. Define

The process of defining what you are trying to achieve in a precise way. This is when high-level goals turn into business requirements, user journeys, and flow prototypes.

4. Design

The transition between vision and execution. Where functional specifications and flow are defined, UI wireframes are created, and product backlogs are written.

5. Develop

Agile product development with teams structured specifically around the needs of your project. Adapting to shifting product needs, evolving flow, and internal project factors as needed. Test builds with test app delivered at the end of each sprint.

6. Polish and Repolish

It’s efficient to postpone certain activities until after feature-development iterations are complete. This includes fine tuning as well as security, performance, and final integration testing.

7. Go Live

Launch is a critical time. We deploy and monitor the application, create handover documentation, and train for your team on the ins and outs of the app.

8. Support

Shipping is just the beginning. We continue to monitor your product and enhance defects through customer feedback to ensure performance and reliability.